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Media Release: Mackay Locals Plan Afresh To Stop Adani To Manage Climate Risks

Mackay, Queensland. It was clear from the dozens of people who gathered in Mackay over the weekend, to discuss the next steps in the campaign to stop the Adani mine, that locals have a significant appetite for working to prevent enormous coal mines being dug in the Galilee Basin and avert dangerous climate change.

About 40 residents met in East Mackay on Sunday to discuss the next steps in the local Stop Adani campaign following the apparent change in the Queensland Government’s position on assessing the project scientifically.  

Mackay Conservation Group coordinator, Peter McCallum, said “People are increasingly worried about climate change given the extreme weather they’ve seen hit Queensland in recent times. They’ve also heard the dire predictions that the world’s leading scientists have been sharing with governments and the public for decades.

“The weekend gathering included many new people who have not been involved in the Adani campaign before but are keen to contribute because of their fears around climate change.

“Residents spoke about their worries following the Queensland Government’s decision to fast track the Adani mine, with its risks to the climate and water, and came up with ideas about how we can respond as a community.

“People are also concerned that the federal election could mean a continuation of an anti-scientific agenda on climate change.

Climate change is fueled by the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas which add carbon-dioxide to the atmosphere. Carbon-dioxide acts like a blanket, trapping heat and warming the earth.

“Burning coal is the leading cause of climate change. The physical and chemical processes that drive climate change are not altered one bit by an election in Australia.

“If it’s politics that drives governments’ responses to the climate crisis then we have to strengthen our efforts to influence the political agenda.

“The Mackay region has already experienced the heatwaves, fires and storms that come with climate change and its residents will bear the brunt as these extreme weather events escalate.

“It’s in our own self-interest to ensure that our nation sets an example to the world by rapidly bringing down carbon emissions.

“Our region needs a plan to diversify our economy and ensure that we can provide real jobs in future that don't depend on mining and burning coal.”

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