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Media release: Newman announces funding coal rail line to Abbot Point

At the same time as cutting services and jobs to rebalance the budget, the Qld government is choosing to spend taxpayer dollars propping up a risky investment to boost the profits of a foreign mining company.

Can you call his office today on 07 3719 7000 and say this handout to Adani means less money for schools and hospitals and more reef destruction.

MEDIA RELEASE: Newman government cripples social infrastructure and the environment with Adani handouts

Today's announcement of government investment in Galilee Basin infrastructure will mean less investment in schools and hospitals, while accelerating environmental destruction.

‘We’ve seen Adani and other companies investing in the Galilee Basin struggling to secure finance for these projects because of the low price of coal and the damage the developments will cause to the Great Barrier Reef,’ said Ellen Roberts of the Mackay Conservation Group.

The Mackay region has already seen the impacts of the coal downturn and local leaders know the importance of diversifying our economy.

Instead at this time we’re seeing Newman continuing to invest heavily in speculative coal projects, to the detriment of the future of Queensland, taking a risk that international banks aren’t prepared to. 

Newman is proving to be an international embarrassment as he announces millions of dollars of handouts for coal projects as the same time China, the United States and India use the G20 meeting to announce an intention to support clean energy and cut emissions.

‘This is in spite of the Queensland Treasury admitting earlier last year that funding for mining infrastructure means less investment in schools and hospitals.

‘Graziers through central Queensland face major disruptions to their operations from the rail line which will bisect properties, interrupt cattle movements, alter surface water flow, and reduce access to land.'

The Newman government has been heavily criticised for their handling of Adani’s rail project, with Adani being accused of heavy handed negotiating tactics with farmers because they’re backed up with the full force of the Queensland government,

‘The Co-ordinator General’s office has received complaints from landholders about Adani’s bullying behaviour in negotiations about acquiring land for the rail line. 

‘Both the State and Federal governments have completely disregarded concerns from local landholders, and this announcement is yet another example of the LNP putting the profits of overseas mining companies at the expense of existing industries like agriculture.

Unfortunately yet again we see Newman and Seeney prioritising mining over other industries in Queensland. 

Read more about the agreement to be announced today in this article in the Australian.

You can read Adani's press release here.




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