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Trick or treat George!

Are George Christensen and the Federal government tricking the Queensland public while treating Adani to Australias grazing land, precious water resources and now the Caley Valley wetlands?

On Friday October 31st around thirty supporters and members of Mackay Conservation Group gathered outside George Christensens office to protest Greg Hunts decision to fast track the proposal to dump dredge spoil in the Caley Valley wetlands at Abbot Point. 

Trick or treat George Christensen?

















As you can see from our previous posts, Mackay Conservation Group has been working on this issue for years with concern over the impact of port developments on this precious area.


And worse, the Queensland taxpayer is footing the bill for the development, even though it is for private mining companies with ALL of the profits going off shore! Is this a good use of taxpayers funds?


The Queensland government maintains that the coal industry is necessary to fund schools and hospitals in our great State. But whats the truth?

Press release from the day:-

Mackay Conservation Group members and supporters will be outside MP George Christensens office in Mackay today, trick or treating Christensen over his support for the new plan to dump dredge spoil from Abbot Point into the Caley Valley wetlands. 

The future of the Abbot Point expansion has become increasingly chaotic since the Deputy Premier, Jeff Seeney announced that the Queensland Government has back-flipped on dumping dredge spoil into the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. 

 The Queensland government plans to dredge and dump spoil into a fragile wetland environment at Abbot Point which is rich in wildlife and crucial to the health of the Great Barrier Reef, at taxpayers expense, said Gemma Plesman of Mackay Conservation Group. 

Greg Hunt and Jeff Seeney are tricking the public and treating Adani to Abbot Point. The Reef is the big loser today. 

The Queensland government say they are enhancing the wetland, when in fact they are creating a potential environmental disaster. 

On Wednesday, Greg Hunt caved into pressure and announced the project would not be fully assessed for its environmental impacts. 

This is in spite of assessments from North Queensland Bulk Ports itself of environmental and engineering risks with onshore dumping. 

Locally here in Mackay, our local member George Christensen is bullying and threatening anyone who expresses concern over the Abbot Point expansion. 

Unfortunately these are the kinds of pressure tactics the Queensland and Federal government is resorting to in order ram this project through. 

Were joined here today by Mabel Quakawoot, a traditional owner from Gladstone who has seen first hand what happens when these projects are rushed and corners are cut. No one to see environmental disaster in Gladstone for Abbot Point, less than 60kms from the Whitsunday Islands. 


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