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Eraring power plant closure Guardian articleAs the world moves towards Net Zero Emissions the demand for Australia's coal and gas will decline. The Australian and Queensland government's are ignoring reality and pushing ahead with plans to open new coal mines and gas projects. That puts workers, businesses and communities at risk. When the last coal boom ended coal mining communities in Queensland witnessed massive increases in unemployment, business liquidations, rapid declines in house prices, increased family violence, increased suicide and many other consequences. If there isn't a plan for an orderly closure of coal mines and gas fields then workers, businesses and communities will suffer again.

Sign our petition to the Queensland Premier and the Australian Prime Minister calling for a plan for an orderly transition away from fossil fuels and protection for workers, businesses and communities involved in those industries.

Who's signing
David Robertson
Administrator Mackay Conservation Group
Peter McCallum

Will you sign?

To the Premier of Queensland & Australian Prime Minister:

New technologies such as renewable energy, battery storage and green hydrogen are becoming cheaper and more feasible every year. They are already outcompeting fossil fuels in many situations and in the future are almost certain to be the most economic and environmentally sustainable methods of electricity production and steel making. This puts at risk the many communities and people in Queensland that depend on fossil fuel industries. When the coal mine construction boom ended Central Queensland faced many detrimental economic an social consequences. Net Zero Emissions will result in even worse outcomes for our communities if there isn't an orderly transition away from fossil fuels and protection for workers and businesses dependent on those industries. 

We want you to develop a plan that recognises the reality that global climate change policies will result in declining demand for Australian fossil fuels and provides a clear transition pathway for workers and businesses. If there is no plan the results will be more catastrophic than the unplanned downturn in 2012-14.

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