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Abbot Point case will continue in spite of onshore dumping moves

Legal case against Abbot Point dumping will continue

Rumours are circulating that the companies wanting to build Abbot Point coal terminals will propose a land based dumping option to address concerns about the impact of dumping dredge spoil in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

In March this year MCG launched legal action against the Environment Minister Greg Hunt’s decision to approve dredging and dumping for the proposed Abbot Point coal terminal expansion.

‘We would need to see any alternative proposal to determine how far it goes towards addressing all our concerns and whether it affects the current Federal Court case.

‘It is critical that the devastating impacts of dumping are not simply shifted to land and that any land based options are fully investigated using independent peer reviewed science.

‘For example the Caley Valley wetlands adjacent to Abbot Point are internationally significant, home to many listed migratory and threatened species and we question whether this would be a suitable site for disposal of dredge spoil.’

‘There are a number of aspects to our case and, in addition to the issues around marine impacts, we have submitted evidence from experts regarding the climate change impacts of the project.’

The legal action will continue at this stage.

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